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Defenders (Part 29)

“I see Mr… Pendrew is it? It seems that your ship was attacked by a very dangerous enemy of ours. I will ask you and your fellow recruits not to discuss it with the others.”

With that, he stood up and beckoned for Arthur to join him. “You see Mr. Pendrew, we are the guardians of reality, and as such we have many enemies… one of which being this… character that you encountered.”

“Does he have a name? Can you tell me anything?” Arthur began to raddle of questions as they walked before the alien interrupted him.

“Not of yet, Mr. Pendrew, we’ll need to do more investing on this… in light, however, of your recruiter… MIA… we will assign you another trainer on our way to the Nexus.” He said as they arrived back at the meeting hall with the rest of the recruits.

“The Nexus?” Arthur asked quizzically.

“Ah yes, Helios wasn’t able to finish his initial orientation… The Nexus is the Defender’s central headquarters, and where you will be doing your training.” He walked into the hall with Arthur and stopped. “Now Mr. Pendrew, I have important matters to attend to due to this recent news, we will talk soon, for now, feel free to mingle with the other recruits.”

He gave a strange bow, turned and walked out. Arthur felt like he was still playing catch up in his mind but turned around to face an enormously tall humanoid-like alien with four arms, a split jaw, and spiky hair. If that was hair.