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Defenders (Part 30)

Arthur stared up at the angry looking alien. “And who, would you be?” It said in a deep rumbling voice.

“I’m Arthur…” He said slowly, holding how his hand to shake. The alien only stared back at him for a moment before extending a massive hand back.

“Good to meet you, Arthur,” it said it’s voice pitch changing to being pleased. “I’m Fin, short for Fignglbolaugagalatis. Great to meet you!” If it’s strangely shaped mouth could smile it looked like it was doing it now.

Arthur suppressed a sigh of relief and smiled back. “Good to meet you, Fin… sorry I’m not sure if I can sound out your name.”

“Don’t worry,” Fin replied, “not many from your planet can, and if you do, you get the tones wrong. Not even our universal translators work perfectly.”

“Translators?” Arthur asked, “what translators?”

“You’re even fresher off the boat than I am… sorry, nothing against Sol, but your planet can be so… rural? Primitive? I’m not sure what the right word is.”