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Thomas checked his watch. He was late but not that late. He had been waiting at the bus stop for the past hour, and he was beginning too think that the bus into town wasn’t coming.

This was no good. He thought to himself looking around the nearly abandoned bus station. It has been years since he’d been home, and the station had definitely seen better times. The only one nearby was a homeless man with several bags smoking what smelled like a joint, the man muttered to himself several times under his breath making Thomas uneasy.

Thomas looked at the bus timetable again, and then towards the woods that lay in between the bus station and where his parents lived. He had packed light but didn’t fancy hauling even a small rolling bag through the woods at night.

The homeless man said something louder that sounded like “she’s watching” or something to that extent. Thomas shifted uncomfortably and one final time at the timetable. There was no way the bus was coming now.

He grabbed his bag and set off into the woods…