365 Writing


Whenever Jessica had gone home it was a fight. She loved her mom, but they could never seem to see eye to eye on anything. It was always back and forth and back and forth.

Her mom always seemed to love to tell long winded stories about things to prove her point or to make something clear, or to complain or the like as Jessica felt… it always rubbed her the wrong way and her mom could never seem to understand how much it drove her crazy.

She sat on the bed and felt a pang of regret thinking about it. She had yelled at her last time that she just wanted to get to the point, why was that so hard? She had wondered. It’s like there was some kind of eternal disconnect.

Closing her eyes a tear dropped from them onto her hand. She should have been worried about smearing her makeup but it seemed far from important now. A call from the the other room for her shook her out of her thoughts. It was her brother, time to come down and greet the guests, they had arrived to pay their respects.