365 Writing

Home (Part 2)

What did people do without smartphones? Thomas thought using it as a flashlight through the dark woods. If only his parents had picked up when he called the last fifty times.

Even with this phone’s light, a heavy sort of darkness was clinging over the entire woods. It was the beginning of October and the weather had begun to turn cold. Thomas felt a shiver trickle down his spine. The sooner he got through these woods the better.

Thomas heard a loud crack somewhere off and paused. He shinned his light in the direction he thought he heard the sound but it was now quiet. A cold sweat gathered on the back of his neck and he felt a quiver of fear. When he was young he would play in these woods and was never afraid. Right now though he felt things had changed. He felt fear and he didn’t know why.

Maybe he was just being crazy… Thomas shook himself and slowly began walking again, with a steadily increasing speed. Again he thought he heard a rustle behind him but instead of stopping this time he walked faster. Close to breaking into a run now, Thomas rushed through in the direction he thought his house was. The woods had changed, there was no landmarks he could remember and when he came across a large gulley he tried to stop but instead found himself tumbling down head over heels cracking his head against a log at the bottom.