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Home (Part 7)

“But, more importantly,” Thomas continued. “Why didn’t you answer any of your phones? The bus never came, and I had no way to get into town.”

”Oh honey,” his mom started, “I’m sorry, but there was a blackout in the entire town. Also, my cell phone has been acting out… and I thought it was tomorrow that you were coming.”

She looked sad as she saw his dirty and ripped clothes. “It seems like you’ve been through a lot to get here… I’m so sorry.” Thomas shifted uncomfortably, and he hadn’t meant to make his mom upset.

”It’s ok. I know these things happen… can I uhh come in?” He replied, and she waved him to come inside.

”Of course, honey. Please, I can make up your room for you, give me some time…” She started, already starting to cheer up again. “I expect you want to take a shower anyway.”

Thanking his mom, Thomas made his way to his old room. He passed the living room and saw the back of his Dad sitting in the chair facing the TV. He thought of stopping but decided against it, and continued to his room.