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Home (Part 8)

Thomas found his room had been changed into a study of sorts by his mom, but his bed was still there, and most of his stuff, only organized differently… it didn’t matter he thought, as he dropped his bag on the floor and grabbed a clean change of clothes.

He walked back down the hall and to the shower. It was refreshing to let the warm water massage his muscles and wash away the dirt and grime from the previous night. He felt the memories of his experience in the forest begin to vanish like a dream you can’t quite remember but still feel the after an image.

Finishing his shower, he changed into his clean clothes and went back to his room. Taking out his phone charger, Thomas was going to charge his phone but realized it had gone missing the night before. He’d have to go and buy a new one today.

”Thomas?” His mom’s voice called. “Can you come here?”

”Sure mom.” He called back and made his way downstairs.