365 Writing

Writers Block

Ironically enough I wanted to write about my current writers block by well… writing?

Recently, due to a lot of things going on in my life it’s been hard for me to keep the motivation up for some of these stories. I know that’s in part my own fault and if I work harder at this they could be a lot better.

I don’t want to drop writing every day though I had hopped I could get more feedback from some of my friends… while as far as I know absolutely none of which have read it. That’s a bit discouraging but not the end of the world.

I plan instead to finish a few of these that I’ve started recently. The fastest of which to do will likely be the D&D game I was writing up. After that I’ll probably work on this story “Home” and Defenders again, as that was one of the few I got input on!

My long term plan is to after I’ve done this year of writing to compile these stories into a longer feature and see how publishable they are. If not I’ll start writing something I intend to publish.

We’ll see of course but right now my cure for writers block just needs to be get out and do it. For those of you reading this who write I’m sure you struggle with motivation as well. These are my own thoughts on the issue but I’m sure you have your own as well and if you feel so inclined I’d love to hear them.