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Defenders (Part 32)

“So um… it seems you know more about the program than me,” Arthur started to ask, “can you tell me what happens next?”

“Next?” Fin responded. “We arrive at Avalon. The home base of the Defenders… in fact.” He turned around to look at the massive view screen at the far end of the room. “We should be arriving any minute now.”

Sure enough, most of the recruits had turned away from their conversations and begun to look up at the same screen. It had previously shown the stars flying past the massive ship as it went through hyperspace of light speed or whatever it was called Arthur thought. He watched until sure enough, the view snapped suddenly out of the rapid warp through space, and he could see a beautiful nebula stretched out before them. Rays from stars being born shone all around what looked to be alone planet in the middle of the nebula.

The ship drew closer, and he could see the planet looked much like earth. Greens and blues shone back and sparkled on the surface. It was lit all by a full-sized sun farther off towards the nebula. Arthur stared and watched as the planet grew closer into view and he could see one massive city built into the northern hemisphere of the earth. It was larger than any city on earth, and it stood out like a shining diamond on the surface of the green and blue world.

“That’s Avalon?” Arthur finally asked. He now noticed that some of his fellow human recruits had joined Fin and himself.

“Yes,” Fin said, it’s hidden in this nebula and from most star charts. The Defenders send out energy waves into the Nebula so that only ships with matching energy patterns can enter. It’s the most secure and secretly hidden planet in the universe. Perhaps the multiverse.

Arthur went back to watching as the massive ship pulled into an equally sized space station that was tethered to the planet by some sort of long space elevator as it looked and he assumed.