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Samurai Jin

So I actually was going back over edits of Samurai Jin (I swear tomorrow I won’t write another editorial!) and I found that the entire story only totaled to about 30,000 words. I was hoping it had been longer. At this length it’s a novella and not quite a novel.

Talking to a friend of mine I could either convert it into a longer novel or leave it. I’ll probably touch it up and change before. I know I had said that I wasn’t entirely happy with it from a character arch perspective and that still holds true. However…

Another idea I had would be to write several more stories around his character and compile short stories in his “universe” or rather around his character. This would be similar to the first Witcher book, though that one focused on old fairy tails, I could perhaps do something similar with Asian mythology?

Just toying with ideas as I spent some time working on it plus musing over this would be my writing for the day. Again, tomorrow I’ll dig into prose again.