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Defenders (Part 24)

An alien all covered in hair that reminded Arthur of a Wookiee but with only one large central eye and was wearing an officer’s uniform entered the room. “Recruits!” He shouted to them in a gravely voice. “Welcome to Avalon. Please follow the marked paths for transportation down to the planet. Once there you will be assigned rooms and class groups. That will be all.”

Doors opened at either side of the room and the recruits slowly filed out. Arthur followed and soon they were lining up by groups to descend what was indeed a massive space elevator to the surface. There were several elevators in the tether so he didn’t have to wait long until he and several other recruits were hurdling towards the surface of the planet at a massive pace. Of course inside the elevator it felt perfectly normal. Maybe some kind of artificial gravity or inertial dampening, Arthur thought to himself and then realized how insane this all was again.

His mind was quickly distracted by the city coming into view. There were small car like ships flying around the city. Tall spires and buildings shot up everywhere. The architecture reminded him of something from the Middle Ages but as if it had advanced for thousands of years keeping the same style. Tall gothic style yet modern all the same. Glass, metal, and stone, mixed together to make the city seem like a truly beautiful work of art.

At the end of the elevator they were greeted by more Defenders who ushered them into lines and they boarded more transports. These took them towards the center of the city. A towering spire which dwarfed all other buildings.