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Defenders (Part 25)

At the end of the elevator they were greeted by more Defenders who ushered them into lines and they boarded more transports. These took them towards the center of the city. A towering spire which dwarfed all other buildings.

They once again filed out into a great hall that reminded Arthur of more of a castle than an order of space military or whatever you would call the Defenders. The recruits walked to the end of the great hall that ended in what was close to being a massive stained glass window, but Arthur could see it actually shifted and changed more like a desktop screensaver than a window. A podium underneath it stood several offers, or he assumed that’s what they were based on their uniforms. The one in front wore an immaculate white uniform with a red cape. He himself, looked humanoid except his skin was red with glowing blue eyes. He walked up to the front of the platform and once all the recruits had filed in he spoke.

[I know it’s almost nothing today, but at least it’s something, having problems with writers block as I mentioned the other day so the going is a bit slow…]