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Defenders (Part 26)

“Welcome future Defenders of the Cosmos! For those who don’t know, I am Admiral Ceril leader of the Defenders. You have come far, from all corners of existence to this place. Avalon. Here you will train to become the light that stands in the face of the darkness that threatens your friends, your family, and those whom you have not met. It is not a job you will be thanked for. In fact many will never know of your sacrifice. But without us, the galaxy, the cosmos would not exist today and would not be here tomorrow. I expect the best from each and every one of you.” With that he concluded his speech and stepped back.

A super thin alien with multiple tentacle-like arms scurried up in front of him and took over the stage. “Recruits!” It said in a high pitched squeaky voice. It’s two lopsided eyes surveying the crowd. “We are now passing out your personal data-pads,” Arthur could see several uniformed figures passing out what looked like large cell phones to every one of the recruits. “On them you will be first given your squad number, and it will tell you which room to proceed into. Then we will begin the aptitude testing. Thank you!” It finished with a high pitched squeak.