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Defenders (Part 27)

Arthur received his data-pad and looked at the screen. It had a message in some language he couldn’t read but only after a moment it adjusted to English and it clearly read: Squad A107, room 29. A small map diagram popped up on the screen as well and arrows directed him to what he presumed was the route he should take. He noticed the other recruits had begun to make their way through the crowd to their own destinations and he began shifting his way past aliens and various humanoid recruits towards where it had instructed him to go.

Reaching the side of the massive room he found the map directing him to go down a corridor in front of him. As he walked he observed the high ceilings and “gothic-tech” architecture as he had begun to call it in his mind. The colors were mostly whites and silvers like in the interiors of the ships. He was musing if it would get stale as he walked to the room the map indicated.

Automatic doors opened for him and he was in a medium sized circular room. In the middle were several officers and a pod-like object. One of the officers motioned for him to join some other recruits whom had already arrived and he took his place next to a female looking half plant humanoid. She had greenish brown skin and her hair was a mixture of leaves and flowers. She smiled at him with amber eyes.

“Hi,” She said. “I’m Leena.” She held out a plant-like hand.

“Arthur.” He responded taking her hand, it felt like warm bark, heated by the midday sun. “Good to meet you.”