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Defenders (Part 30)

At first, there was only darkness. Arthur felt uneasy, and the darkness seemed to hang over his body like a sheet. He looked down and could see his body standing again on what seemed like an infinite black space. He looked around, and although there was no source of light, his own body was illuminated as if lit by multiple stage lights. Looking around he could soon see a figure far off in the black void. It’s back was to him, and he approached it slowly.

He drew close, and he could see it was wearing a Defenders uniform. Reaching out a hand he touched it, and the figure turned to face him. It was Captian Helios.

“Hello, Arthur.” He said looking down at Arthur with a grave expression. “It’s all up to you now.”

“What is?” Arthur asked, confused.

“The mistakes I’ve caused, they fall onto you. He’ll come after you.” Helios answered.

“I don’t understand,” Arthur responded again. “Who is he? What happened?”

Helios just smiled and placed a hand on Arthur’s shoulder. “I don’t have time. You can win.” And with that, he vanished.