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Defenders (Part 31)

There was nothing once again in the dark void around Arthur, and suddenly he was falling. He was far above a planet. It could have been earth, or it could have been some other planet he couldn’t tell which but he was falling quickly, and he was certain, he had no parachute.

At first, he panicked.

Flailing around like a drowning man, Arthur began spinning wildly through the air. This can’t be real he thought, but his memories were hazy, the previous day began to blur together, and all he could see was himself spinning and falling to his death. The contents of his stomach came flying out, or would have, when had he eaten last he thought to himself?

Below he could see green fields and lakes… Lakes… makes he could land in one of those? No, the water tension would crush him.

He thought wildly and looked down towards his body to check what he had on him. Here he was wearing a Defender’s uniform. He reached into his pockets and found the data pad they had given him. He tried to turn it on but nothing. It was no better than a brick. He looked down a the ground was rushing closer and closer. He could even make out small houses and maybe even people.