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Defenders (Part 33)

A figure stood before Arthur whom he had never seen before. The man, or he guessed it was a man, based on the size, stood tall yet hooded in dark gray robes and a hood. It faced him, and even though he couldn’t see the face, he felt a sense of dread creep down his spine.

“The choice is yours, Arthur.” It said in a smooth and almost calming voice that belied what Arthur felt.

“What choice?” He asked back hesitantly. “So far I feel like I’ve been rushed along in one direction. Normal life or this… military order for defending against things I have no clue about.” He almost laughed at how ridiculous it all was.

“Not that choice. That has been chosen for you.” The figure answered. “The real choice is what to do with the choices that are made for you.”

The figure began to fade like Helios did. “What choices? What are you talking about?” Arthur responded, confused. It was too late. However, the figure had already vanished, and Arthur was alone in the crushing dark.