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Defenders (Part 34)

He couldn’t breathe. Arthur felt his lungs empty, and there was nothing but the darkness, and it crushed him down both inside and without until a bright light nearly blinded him. He gasped for air and found he was looking back up into the small gray alien’s face.

“Hmmm.” It said looking down at him and back to it’s data-pad. “Very interesting Mr. Pendrew. I wouldn’t have thought it.”

Arthur wanted to ask what was so “interesting” but he was still trying to catch his breath. The officers were scrambling to remove the electrodes and finally Arthur managed to pull himself up and out of the pod. The alien still hadn’t said more and was looking at his data-pad.

“Well?” Arthur finally managed.

“Very interesting Mr. Pendrew. Would you mind waiting?” He turned to the rest of the recruits who were left. “The rest of you have your lodging assignments on your datapads. I expect you’re all exhausted. Please proceed first to the mess hallmarked and then your quarters.” He turned back to Arthur. “Mr. Pendrew. If you could be so kind as to wait here again…” he said and walked out of the room. The rest of the recruits followed, and soon Arthur was left alone in the large testing room feeling very uncomfortable.