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Defenders (Part 37)

Looking around the mess Arthur grabbed himself a tray and found something that looked edible and put it on his plate. He saw Fin stand out from the crowd and figured he might as well try to find people he knew.

He put his tray down on the table and sat down. The others from Earth were there along with more from the testing he had seen. “Hey,” Zach said to him as he sat down. “So what happened back there?”

“Oh, that?” Arthur responded, remembering the Admirals instructions not to tell anyone. “There was a glitch in my testing, so for now I’ve been marked as unassigned.”

“That’s strange.” Fin said. “I’ve only heard of one recruit ever being unsigned. At least that’s how the rumor goes.”

“Oh really? Who was he?” Arthur asked.

“Don’t know. Records are sealed. Maybe it was just a glitch like you said.”

Arthur started to think maybe he should have chosen a better lie. “It’s probably nothing… but I get to take classes with you all!”

Zach and Fin looked happy at least. He was getting used to Lindsey with her mask off. And Jim never had looked happy once.