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Defenders (Part 38)

There was a certain normality to eating, he wasn’t sure what he was eating, not to mention most of the people around him were entirely alien, but Arthur enjoyed merely sitting there and talking with the other recruits. It was the first “normal” thing he’d done since… Earth. He still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He should feel exhausted, and to be sure as he ate he felt more and more tired. By the end of the meal, all he wanted was to curl up and go to sleep. He managed to return his tray and follow his datapad’s instructions to the sleeping quarters he had been assigned. It was a shared room, and it seems that most people from his squad had been appointed there as well. Reassuring at least, not more new people.

He changed into the sleeping clothes that had been prepared for him and lay down on this mattress that popped out from the wall with an audible hiss of air. It was just as comfortable as his bead back home… and soon he was asleep.