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Jack woke up from yet another nap. He thought he should probably stop sleeping every day, but he was just so tired all the time. The clock said 3:47PM, and he sighed. Another day wasted.

Since he lost his job and girlfriend and moved back home, he felt like everything in his life he had been moving towards had fallen in on itself. All those years of school wasted. It had taken him months to get a copywriting job he enjoyed, but then the company started to go under and layoff after layoff until it was his turn.

He rolled over and looked at his cellphone. He idly flipped through it with no direction or purpose, he couldn’t even find an app he wanted to look at.

All Jack could think of were the hundreds of job applications he’d sent, none of which he really wanted to do. It was nice not having to sit in an office, but at the same time, what was he doing now? Sitting at home doing nothing?

He struggled to sit up. What he really wanted to do was write, but the words just wouldn’t come. Jack grabbed his laptop and stared at the screen… he supposed he’d start to write something… he started, but it was crap… at least he felt like it was. He kept writing until he hit a brick wall in what came next.

Jack put the laptop down again and flipped on the TV. Maybe there would be something to watch. His cell phone beeped. It was Isaac. “Wanna hang out?”

“Sure,” he responded and slowly got up and pulled on some clothes. Maybe getting out of the house would do him some good.