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So last night I ended up marathoning the first season of the show Barry. For those of you who don’t know this is a show about a hitman who stumbles upon an acting class and decides he wants to become an actor.

It’s great dark comedic fun, and it stood out to me because this is the form of comedy that I enjoy to write myself. It’s pretty hard, but it says something about the characters and what they want that can resonate with the audience. About your dreams, and your life. Of course not normally being a hitman but that’s where the comedy comes from.

Its comedy isn’t too over the top either but allows you to laugh in such a way that I didn’t expect to laugh. I really enjoyed this show, and even though I got some strong Dexter vibes, as Bill Hader looks a bit like Michael C Hall (especially with killing people plus wearing henley shirts every episode.) I used to love Dexter until they killed it at the final season, so this show brought up some of the dark dualism that Dexter had. This did so without being a serial killer, which in some ways made the character more relatable I felt.

Regardless it Barry made me think of what kind of comedy I could write. I had been told I write good comedy back in university, and it’s been some time. While I will get back to Defenders its more of a long-term project as I want to flesh out some of the side character backgrounds before I dive into Act 2.