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Fear the Dawn

The hunters were closing in fast, Derek knew he had to find a place to hide. Looking up he saw a fire escape he could reach if he jumped to it from where he was in the alleyway.

Hastily he made he way up, he knew he hadn’t lost them yet. He had one more worry as well… the sun was coming up.

Reaching the rooftop his worst fears were realized. Silhouetted against the creeping dawn was Vincent, the lead vampire hunter.

“Hello Derek.” He said with a smile. Derek could see the gun that was situated prominently at his side, normally that wouldn’t stop him, but if Vincent slowed him down long enough for the sun to rise, he was in for a real problem.

“Vincent.” Derek responded with a fake smile. “So nice to see you again.”

“It is always a pleasure.” Vincent nodded and paused. “To exterminate your kind.” With that he lunged forward.