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365 Days of Writing

So I’ve been thinking a bit about this project and how to use it in my life. It started out as an exercise in order to build a habit of writing.

You see, writing is my passion, I enjoy media such as video games, movies, TV, and others, but writing is what really drives me. Maybe I should say storytelling but in the end it all comes back to writing something.

For about two years before this project, however, I hadn’t written at all. It was the longest time I hadn’t even dabbled in it. In some ways my life had gotten off track so starting to write again was a way to get it back on track, and it’s worked to an extent.

Now, however, I find that I’m sorta at a crossroads in my life. Being between major jobs and I look back and see myself constantly saying that I’ll write in the future, if I could do anything I’d write, and that I could work into it eventually… now I’m starting to realize that all that happens is more time that goes by and the less I write. Soon enough I won’t have any more time and I’ll look back on my life to realize I never did what I really wanted to do.

Why? Because I’ve been afraid. I’ve always known how rare the numbers of writers who get published are, not to mention the ones that can support themselves with their craft. I’m afraid that I’ll fail and in the mean time I’ll set myself even farther back. It’s extremely hard for me to write when I’m also doing a full time job after all…

However I have been doing it. I have been writing every day and even though of late it’s been other things and not always very organized it still comes out. Also though there’s sorta a barrier that’s come up with posting it all here. The first is that if I want to publish most short stories I can’t have posted it here. Second is that sometimes I want to write something that maybe I don’t want everyone to be able to see just yet.

That leads me to the thesis of this post. I read Stephen King’s “On Writing”, and connected to it deeply. I really want to focus on writing over the next few months for longer periods of time and working on some good and solid short stories. After which I want to try to get some of them published in one form or another. Then and only then can I start working on one of my novel ideas and get an agent etc. I really want to treat this seriously and now is the best time in my life to do so so far.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, I’m not going to abandon it. Not in the least. I’m also still going to write or work on my writing in some way every day. That’s a habit now. I may not post stories or even post here every day anymore but I’ll bang off ideas that come into my head and yes eventually in one way or another I’ll finish Defenders. Though, I actually might want to turn that into more of a novel.

I’ll keep you posted here! Here I go!