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Defenders (Part 10)

It took all the way until the next morning for Arthur to think again of the strange box and its message. Work had been all day cleaning up one mess after another and dealing with picky customers. Retail or anything where you had to deal with people and clean up their messes was the worst… Continue reading Defenders (Part 10)


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Gripping the ferry railing as hard as John braced himself against the rolling waves of the ocean. The weather off the coast of Maine was brutal this time of year. But, his Grandfather had summoned them, so there was no choice in the matter. John gripped tighter as the waves splashed hard against the bow.… Continue reading Inheritance

365 Writing · Stories

Shared Dream

“Wow! Look at this living room.” My fiancee exclaimed. “There’s so much space here.” “Yes,” The agent agreed, “This complex has larger apartments than most, I believe they’re catering to newer families such as yourself.” “Baby, what do you think?” She asked me. “Well, I think it’s close to your work, and not too far… Continue reading Shared Dream