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First Rejection

I wanted to post another update here as it’s been a few weeks. So far I’ve actually been writing way more, and to a much higher quality, I believe. I have several short stories that I’ve written and one of which I’ve sent out… to be well, rejected. However, that’s to be expected! I will… Continue reading First Rejection


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Disneyland Shanghai – A Missed Opportunity

Yesterday I went to the first Disneyland I’ve ever been to outside of the US. It was… well interesting. I found that a couple of the rides were fun and exciting new takes on classic rides. For instance the Shanghai Pirates ride, while missing most of the water fall drops, was still an exciting visual… Continue reading Disneyland Shanghai – A Missed Opportunity

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So last night I ended up marathoning the first season of the show Barry. For those of you who don’t know this is a show about a hitman who stumbles upon an acting class and decides he wants to become an actor. It’s great dark comedic fun, and it stood out to me because this… Continue reading Barry

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Global Times

I worked on a new article for the global times today… so that’s my current writing. Of course, I can’t publish it here (yet), it’s slightly more controversial though so let’s see if it can be published.

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More ideas

I’ve kinda been on a roll with ideas, not so much for actually writing them. I will get back to Defenders this weekend I think. However, I had one more idea, that might be great as a TV script. I was thinking a sitcom based in China (or another equally exciting country that you don’t… Continue reading More ideas