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The Game

This was his last chance. He had to make it. Playing baseball in the World Series had always been his dream but he knew that if he lost this game, missed this ball, struck out, his team was finished and they’d never make it. He took a deep breath and waited for the pitch.

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“What are we going to do?” “Shhh, I’m thinking.” “Well think faster, they have us surrounded man!” “How many shots do you have left.” “Let me see… only five in this gun and three in the other, we’re toast bro.” “Not yet. I have have a full revolver, if we can make them come to… Continue reading Cornered

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Whenever Jessica had gone home it was a fight. She loved her mom, but they could never seem to see eye to eye on anything. It was always back and forth and back and forth. Her mom always seemed to love to tell long winded stories about things to prove her point or to make… Continue reading Regret

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I was wondering the alley streets of London, dark and alone, I could hear voices up ahead, but when I drew close, they vanished. Was this where I wanted to go? What was I even here looking for? Walking, in the dark, for so long, I wasn’t sure about my destination or how I even… Continue reading Lost

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[super busy recently. Short one-off today] I was almost there. The way out of this blasted city. Moving slowly, however, I forbade my body to rush. It was once you got close that many failed… and I wasn’t going to be one of the ones the zombies got. Yess zombies, if you’re just joining me… Continue reading Escape