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Home (Part 7)

“But, more importantly,” Thomas continued. “Why didn’t you answer any of your phones? The bus never came, and I had no way to get into town.” ”Oh honey,” his mom started, “I’m sorry, but there was a blackout in the entire town. Also, my cell phone has been acting out… and I thought it was… Continue reading Home (Part 7)

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Home (Part 2)

What did people do without smartphones? Thomas thought using it as a flashlight through the dark woods. If only his parents had picked up when he called the last fifty times. Even with this phone’s light, a heavy sort of darkness was clinging over the entire woods. It was the beginning of October and the… Continue reading Home (Part 2)

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Thomas checked his watch. He was late but not that late. He had been waiting at the bus stop for the past hour, and he was beginning too think that the bus into town wasn’t coming. This was no good. He thought to himself looking around the nearly abandoned bus station. It has been years… Continue reading Home