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The Game

Diana paused for a moment to catch her breath. She had made it to the end of the tournament but she was lagging hard. Yukiko was better than her, that much was clear at this point. She was moving faster, and returning her serves faster than she Diana could move. What made it worse was… Continue reading The Game

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Jared used to like spending time with friends, but recently it had been easier to just stay at home on weekends. Ever since he lost his job, he felt directionless. Slowly his savings had been shrinking and soon he knew he’d no longer be able to pay for rent. This, of course, had the effect… Continue reading Depression

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Whenever Jessica had gone home it was a fight. She loved her mom, but they could never seem to see eye to eye on anything. It was always back and forth and back and forth. Her mom always seemed to love to tell long winded stories about things to prove her point or to make… Continue reading Regret

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Thomas checked his watch. He was late but not that late. He had been waiting at the bus stop for the past hour, and he was beginning too think that the bus into town wasn’t coming. This was no good. He thought to himself looking around the nearly abandoned bus station. It has been years… Continue reading Home

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I was wondering the alley streets of London, dark and alone, I could hear voices up ahead, but when I drew close, they vanished. Was this where I wanted to go? What was I even here looking for? Walking, in the dark, for so long, I wasn’t sure about my destination or how I even… Continue reading Lost