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Shared Dream

“Wow! Look at this living room.” My fiancee exclaimed. “There’s so much space here.” “Yes,” The agent agreed, “This complex has larger apartments than most, I believe they’re catering to newer families such as yourself.” “Baby, what do you think?” She asked me. “Well, I think it’s close to your work, and not too far… Continue reading Shared Dream

365 Writing

The Leap

“I don’t think so,” I said back to Jack who was urging me on from back on the bridge, the safety of the bridge. “It’s a bit higher than I thought when I signed up for this.” Jack laughed at me which made my current predicament worse. “Come on mate, you wanted to overcome your fear of… Continue reading The Leap


The Hunt

They were all dead, and it was all my fault. Jumping to the next ledge of the ruins I broke my fall in a roll and continued my escape. The Lurkers were tearing my comrades apart in the crypt behind me, I could still hear the screams of the banshees as she tore through the… Continue reading The Hunt


The Hunter

The Hunter’s sword glowed in the fading light of the setting sun. He had waited since the sun began to sink behind the waves of the ocean. The monster was said to rise every night when the beach went dark. Nearby villagers had been living in fear for the past month, that’s why they had… Continue reading The Hunter