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Defenders Notes

Today I’m finally getting around to organizing my notes and consolidating some of the current content I wrote for Defenders. I want to be prepared so when I decide to write more its on the right track… right now I’m deciding if I want to keep on with Defenders for now or work on another… Continue reading Defenders Notes


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The Game

Diana paused for a moment to catch her breath. She had made it to the end of the tournament but she was lagging hard. Yukiko was better than her, that much was clear at this point. She was moving faster, and returning her serves faster than she Diana could move. What made it worse was… Continue reading The Game

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Another shell sounded not far off as Zach cradled his shattered leg. “We have to keep moving!” Mark yelled in his ear. “I’m not going anywhere, Zach responded looking down at his leg. Half was exposed, ripped apart by the shrapnel that had grazed their foxhole. “You go!” Mark shook his head. “No way I’m… Continue reading Shrapnel

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Jared used to like spending time with friends, but recently it had been easier to just stay at home on weekends. Ever since he lost his job, he felt directionless. Slowly his savings had been shrinking and soon he knew he’d no longer be able to pay for rent. This, of course, had the effect… Continue reading Depression

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Paris was in a cold sweat. She was way behind on her deadline, and inspiration just wouldn’t come to her. She knew that she only had around three hours to work on the article and she kept glancing over to her editor. He was not going to be happy. Usually, Paris wasn’t the type of… Continue reading Deadlines

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Tim’s eye’s slid open. It had been a terrible weekend, and the last thing he wanted is to face the office Monday blues. He looked at his clock. 8:45, enough time he’d be fine… shit. He had a meeting he forgot about… and he was already late. [Trying some flash fiction. I’m honestly not inspired… Continue reading Late

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The Problem

“We’re going home, Jack!” Rachel yelled over to Jack as he stared at the lines of code on his computer screen. “Sure, see you guys.” He responded without looking over. “You should really get some rest, come back at it in the morning,” Tom said swiping his keycard to open the door out of the… Continue reading The Problem