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First Rejection

I wanted to post another update here as it’s been a few weeks. So far I’ve actually been writing way more, and to a much higher quality, I believe. I have several short stories that I’ve written and one of which I’ve sent out… to be well, rejected. However, that’s to be expected! I will… Continue reading First Rejection


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Another shell sounded not far off as Zach cradled his shattered leg. “We have to keep moving!” Mark yelled in his ear. “I’m not going anywhere, Zach responded looking down at his leg. Half was exposed, ripped apart by the shrapnel that had grazed their foxhole. “You go!” Mark shook his head. “No way I’m… Continue reading Shrapnel

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So last night I ended up marathoning the first season of the show Barry. For those of you who don’t know this is a show about a hitman who stumbles upon an acting class and decides he wants to become an actor. It’s great dark comedic fun, and it stood out to me because this… Continue reading Barry

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The Problem

“We’re going home, Jack!” Rachel yelled over to Jack as he stared at the lines of code on his computer screen. “Sure, see you guys.” He responded without looking over. “You should really get some rest, come back at it in the morning,” Tom said swiping his keycard to open the door out of the… Continue reading The Problem

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The Lie

Sarah sat there staring at the page. The rest of the band had been telling her they’ve been waiting to see her new song for a month now… They had been excited for the new single she had told them she’d been working on and was almost finished… There was no new song. She put… Continue reading The Lie