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First Rejection

I wanted to post another update here as it’s been a few weeks. So far I’ve actually been writing way more, and to a much higher quality, I believe. I have several short stories that I’ve written and one of which I’ve sent out… to be well, rejected. However, that’s to be expected! I will… Continue reading First Rejection


365 Writing


So not to leave you guys hanging but I’ve been writing still these past few days! I’m happy to say the habit has still been going so far. I’ve written 2 and a half short stories. 2 of which are around 1000 words and the other which is over that and I still haven’t finished… Continue reading Update!

365 Writing

Technical writing

Wrote some technical breakdowns this morning… I know it’s a bit of an excuse but I feel that I’m not sure how I feel about this project. I want to write more but it makes me feel like I have to publish it and… let’s see.

365 Writing

Disneyland Shanghai – A Missed Opportunity

Yesterday I went to the first Disneyland I’ve ever been to outside of the US. It was… well interesting. I found that a couple of the rides were fun and exciting new takes on classic rides. For instance the Shanghai Pirates ride, while missing most of the water fall drops, was still an exciting visual… Continue reading Disneyland Shanghai – A Missed Opportunity

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Brainstorming 2

Continuing to outline and go over some ideas. I really want to write even more than I’ve been doing lately. Thing is I feel like this format encourages only writing short amounts… also I’m not super happy with some of the characters in Defenders.

365 Writing


Today I’ll be brainstorming some ideas for stories and perhaps if I’m inspired going into backstories on the characters for Defenders. I’m not 100% happy with it right now which is partially why I haven’t gone back to it again yet. For now, I want to come up with some ideas and draft some outlines.